About Us

Brooklyn District Elementary School is a rural elementary with a wide catchment area. We serve students from Upper Burlington, Mosherville, Scotch Village, Union Corner, Avondale, Belmont, Poplar Grove, Mantua, Brooklyn, Woodville, Ashdale, Hillsvale, Ardoise, Ellershouse, Newport Corner, Newport Station and McKay Section.

Students are usually bussed to and from school. The school is a two storey building. Each classroom is equipped with computer technology and there is also a computer lab and library for the use of all students. The building is wheelchair accessible and has an elevator to the second storey.

Our school day starts at 8:20 am (First bell) and ends at 2:28 pm with a morning recess and a break at lunch time. Visitors are welcomed at our school but are asked to check in at the window at the entrance each time. We have security doors in place now and visitors have to be let in by the office staff.


Please remember that Brooklyn School is peanut - no peanut or nut products please


Daily Schedule

  • 7:50 am - School Opens
  • 7:50 am to 8:15 am Student Drop Off Back of Building
  • 8:20 am - Classes Start
  • 10:20 am - Recess
  • 12:10 pm- Lunch
  • 2:28 pm - Dismissal (*Due to unforeseen circumstances buses may arrive at bus stops 5 minutes earlier or later than scheduled)